Emily Stewart, 45

Testimonial 1

"My name is Emily Stewart. After the age of 37 I started losing my hair in a very fast speed. I visited several professionals who examined and evaluated my condition and concluded that I was suffering from progressive hair loss. They treated me with medications and various hair-loss therapies but the effects were hardly noticeable. I was terrified that I would eventually go bald!
But I was incredibly lucky. On the internet I read about that new hair-loss treatment innovation that a USA scientist had come up with after many, many years of research. I was curios to try that product because it sounded like the solution to my biggest problem – going bald. I ordered a package online and they delivered it to my house in 5 days. There was a white box with one spray bottle of serum inside that I had to apply to my scalp every time after washing my hair. I started the procedures as described on the official website.
I couldn't believe the change that started only after 17 days! My hair loss dropped significantly. I could run my fingers through my hair without actually plucking off whole strands of hair! And the most amazing part – I noticed that newly grown hairs were covering those bleak spots on my scalp that were completely hairless before! My hair was started growing and it was growing thick and dark, not grayish, or anything.
I ordered another package of that magic-working spray and continued applying them to my scalp after every hair wash. In 2 months my hair was entirely restructured. I had a strong, shining mane, the color of chestnut, just like when I was in my twenties! There was almost no scalp show-through on my head. This serum cured my hair loss...Not only. It made my hair grow strong and beautiful again and I am grateful beyond words to the inventor of this medical wonder. I am grateful because it brought my beauty back and made me feel confident again – treasures I used to think I'd lost forever."

Fergus Hayes, 38

Testimonial 2

"They say baldness runs in the family. My father was bold, as well as my grandfather. I started losing my hair very early in life – I was only 21 years old. Since I knew baldness was practically incurable, I had kinda put up with my destiny. I never really tried to fight my condition since I knew that neither my father, nor my grandfather did. At the age of 27 I was almost completely bald. The only thing I did in order to save my looks from the effect of progressive hair loss was to shave my hair every week.
A friend of mine gave me a strange present for my last birthday – a serum for hair loss that he had ordered online from the official website of some dermatology guru. I was reluctant to use it but I decided to give it a try. After a couple of weeks my bare pate was covered with dark, soft newly grown moss that actually...looked like hair.
I couldn't believe. To me it was miracle. Without any chemical treatments and special pills I had achieved what genetics and doctors had been telling me I would never achieve. I had won. And I was happy, happy beyond words."

Leah Dunne, 24

Testimonial 3

"I've always had dry hair, without shine that got additionally damaged by dyeing chemicals. I tried any means possible in order to make my hair soft, shining and long. I tried those expensive shampoos that you only use a drop of. I tried keratin therapy. I would spend half of my monthly income on revitalizing procedures and herbal masks with exotic extracts. The result was a ton of cash wasted on products that produced minimal results that didn't last after you stopped using the product.
A friend of mine from the States recommended I used a rare plants solution that had really panned out in the US. I visited the official website and after reading the numerous testimonials by happy customers, I decided to order this lauded novelty for hair problems myself.
The package came in 6 days. It was an easy procedure – you spray into your hair roots and then massage the serum into your scalp with your fingertips.
I used it for 2 months and I was astounded by the results...My hair had become a lot fuller and thicker! It was sleek and lustrous, a lot of people paid me compliments for having “such a gorgeous hair” and asked me what I had been using. The difference was really humongous! It was as though I had swapped my thin, dull, frizzy hair for a full-volume mane, soft like silk and shining like those hairs you only see on TV...I am still using this Fix, Fix, what was the name?! Ah, FulFix® – I am still using it and I guess I always will (laughing)!"

Liam Thompson, 52

Testimonial 4

"Hello, my name is Liam. I had a problem with falling hair, you know, baldness, being bald...It's embarrassing. I felt really awkward when my head started going bald. I tried wearing a hat but truth is I don't look good with a hat (he smiles). My wife said it was okay, it was something normal, that it was a normal result from aging. But I felt bad. Every time I saw my face into the mirror, I would start picking on that scalp show-through spots. I would try to mask them, to make them disappear, to turn the attention out of them.
You know, I am a stubborn man, a stubborn old man, as my wife likes to call me (he laughs), and I didn't give up. I went online and I started gathering information on hair loss and possible treatments. I tried a couple of things – they were pretty expensive but didn't seem to work for me. Kinda disappointed, I cracked on researching. That's how I came across that strange story of a renowned US woman-scientist that patented a potion that cures baldness. It was quite interesting, I read and researched the ingredients and I can tell you that – I had never seen such a full mix of plants, and herbs, and oils, and roots that I had never heard of.
I was very excited to try this thing! I used it as described on the website – twice a week. I massaged my scalp with the serum and waited for results. Quite surprisingly, I didn't have to wait long. Only after like 20 days or so, I noticed that my scalp was covered with soft hairs that were rapidly growing all over my previously bleak pate! It was amazing. I couldn't stop looking at my newly grown hair! I was happy like a little child! Look, look (he points at his head) – this is all the result of rubbing this magic ointment on my scalp. It's really working and I am still using it! I ordered whole 3 packages and I plan to order more for my bald friends! (he laughs)"

Sophie Walsh, 33

Testimonial 5

"My hair problems? It's a simple story. I've always been vain and I wanted to have a very, very long and beautiful hair – like the hair of celebrities, you know. Something gorgeous, and shining, and reaching beneath my waist. I tried extensions but they look fake. I tried some very fancy serums for hair elongation, but they didn't make my hair grow longer, they just made it greasier.
I spoke with various hairdressers and they all recommended different products for growth stimulation. They're all the same – nothing really makes a difference. And if there is any change in length, it only because you make yourself believe so and actually see it, but it's not really there, it's a slight, slight elongation effect!
My boyfriend knows about my obsession with long and gorgeously looking hair and he ordered that hair solution for me online. It's called FulFix® - you know, like it fixes it all for you. It gives you what you want. It cures, it elongates, it nurtures, it promotes moisture, it's all in one. Sounded great and I couldn't wait to see results.
After the first week I could feel that my hair was a lot sleeker and it had a very full volume. I was quite content, I couldn't lie. I kept on using this serum FulFix® for a month and by the time I had finished the first spray bottle, my hair had changed dramatically! I measured its growth and it turned out it had grown by whole 6 cm only in one month! And the look of it – oh, my God, it was like the hair of some hair model! I was obsessed with that product! I told my boyfriend to order me another 3 packages, haha! And now I am using it each time I wash my hair!
This product really makes a difference. It's better than anything I've tried, regardless of the price. I will never tell my girlfriends what I am using, I don't want everybody to have a hair like mine, no! "

Catherine Ryan, 53

Testimonial 6

"Hello. My name's Catherine. I wanted to use something to make my hair darker, but in a natural way. I wasn't quite keen on all those chemically loaded hair dyes out there. I wanted to find something made out of natural ingredients that will reduce my gray spots and will stimulate my hair to grow dark again, in its original color.
That's how I read about a new product, patented in the States by a genius scientist. It seemed to heal everything related to hair – from baldness to lack of volume. It also promised to make your hair darker in a natural way. I was curios and I ordered it. I was lucky that the company had some packages left, because due to the exceptionally rare ingredients of that product, it's not manufactured in huge batches and it's kind of hard to get it. Fortunately, I managed to order one package.
It's a spray bottle of 50 ml filled with nurturing serum extracted from uncommon, Asian plants.After 3 months I noticed that my hair had started to grow darker – and it was fast! I didn't expect that, really! Like, the rest that had already grown gray didn't change its color, but the new hair was dark and thick. It was so strange. I don't know how this stuff is doing it, but it really works, I tell you that!
I cut the outgrown part of my hair that was gray and now I have a dark hair like when I was 20-something. It's incredible! No one believes I'm not dyeing my hair, but I don't care. I am immensely happy to have found a way to make my hair dark again without using any nasty chemicals and dangerous methods that do more harm than good."